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Gold by Toffee | Nutty | Warm Spice

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Fulfilled by our friends at Toffee | Nutty | Warm Spice

Seasonal Blend

TASTING NOTES: Toffee | Nutty | Warm Spice

ABOUT THIS COFFEE: Introducing GOLD! Our NEW Seasonal blend with a toffee-forward taste profile - full of comforting cozy vibes in every sip.  It's earthy and overflowing with layered spice notes and finishes with a  caramelized sweetness that makes this an extraordinarily unique cup of coffee. We recommend enjoying the Gold blend cozied up under a soft blanket while siping from your favorite mug.

Our signature DreamBlend™ process roasts beans to their maximum potential - not too little & never too much - bringing out the best qualities and flavors each coffee has to offer.

OUR FAVORITE WAY TO BREW:  This coffee shines in a French press, Chemex or V60 Pour Over at a 16:1 water to coffee ratio. Gold also makes a mean espresso that holds up to milk well to make one tasty espresso based drink!

Our whole bean coffee is roasted and shipped fresh. Bring home the sunshine ☀️